Enjoy the Celebration and Sing Along

In honor of St. Mary's celebrating its tenth year as a revived church, James Anderson produced a virtual service for all to share. The celebration opens with remarks and a lesson by Hailey Allin followed by seven songs selected and performed by James with Sid Champion accompanying on the organ. The service is closed with a benediction by Josie Williams. Sing along with James and Sid to the "Songs Your Mama Taught You!"

Rev. Hailey Allin
Rev. Deacon Josie Williams
James Anderson
Sid Champion


Text Message from Billie Abraham

Dear St. Mary's Core-

Wow! The first cell phone ding that I heard this morning was from St. Mary's - what a beautiful way to begin Sunday. The video scenes of St. Mary's took me right back to our little church in Bolton where we shared so much of life together. Ten years ago we began our St. Mary's journey with the Holy Spirit guiding us.

Who could have ever imagined that ten years after our grand reopening Eucharist, and Jubilee Singer's Concert, and picnic on the lawn we would gather in a virtual community by way of technology?

I want to thank all of you for continuing to listen to where God is leading our St. Mary's community - especially the efforts of Hailey, Josie, James and Sid for today's 10th Anniversary Celebration.

And let us remember Terry Brantley who was the force behind reopening the doors of St. Mary's once more for worship.

From Albuquerque, New Mexico, to Bolton, Mississippi - I miss you and all our faithful little community.

In peace,

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